Industrial Energy Efficiency As Standard Practice

Authors:Aimee McKane, Robert Williams, William Meffert, Marco Matteini
The development of ISO 50001- Energy management provides an international framework for industrial and commercial facilities, or entire companies to pursue continual improvement in the area of energy management. This standard is expected to achieve major, long-term increases in energy efficiency of 20% or more in industrial and commercial facilities. Since the industrial sector alone is estimated to account for nearly 40% of annual global primary energy use and a similar share of global energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions (Bernstein et al., 2007), this standard has the potential to make a significant contribution to climate change mitigation efforts.

This paper will describe the purpose and scope of a typical energy management standard, providing an updated analysis of the differences and commonalities among national energy management standards and enabling programs. Actions taken in Europe, North America, and Asia which led to a request to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to initiate work on an international energy management system (EnMS) will also be described. Among these are early and ongoing actions by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to bring together both developed and developing countries with an interest in this topic area.

The emergence of an international energy management standard will be placed in the context of other energy efficiency mechanisms such as target-setting agreements, systems energy efficiency, equipment efficiency standards, and financial and tax policies. The key role of measurement will be emphasized, as well as the benefits of advanced monitoring and controls becoming available to many industrial customers.

The paper will conclude with an overview of potential barriers to successful implementation of ISO 50001 and a discussion of the global capacity- building efforts necessary to meet these implementation challenges.

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