Christina Galitsky wins Technology Review's Top Innovator and Humanitarian of the Year Awards

Christina Galitsky, a researcher in the Lab's Environmental Energy Technologies Division, has been named one of 35 top innovators in science and technology under the age of 35 by MIT’s Technology Review magazine. She was also honored as Humanitarian of the Year. The honorees are selected by the editors in collaboration with a panel of judges from institutions such as Boston University, Hewlett-Packard Labs, Livermore Lab, Caltech, and Applied Materials. Galitsky led the development of the BEST-Winery tool for improving the energy efficiency of California’s wine industry and has worked with EETD scientist Ashok Gadgil on energy-efficient cookstoves for Darfur, and an inexpensive method to remove arsenic from drinking water. The Public Interest Energy Research Program of the California Energy Commission supported development of the BEST-Winery tool, which is geared toward small-to-medium-scale wineries. It is available for free to all California wineries here. Read about the awards here. The Review's feature story on Galitsky is here.